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Nuttige Hulpmiddelen

De ontwikkeling van uw puppy op het juiste spoor houden:


You can track your pets growth using our on line growth tracker chart. Simply enter the date, your pets weight, and using the slider you can set your pets condition score.

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Puppy Socialisatie Kaart

Gebruik deze kaart als startpunt van de socialisatie van uw pup. U mag de kaart gebruiken op een manier dat deze aansluit op de behoeften van uw pup.

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Clicker Training

Teaching the basic commands through clicker training Master and Commander Your puppy will love to please you; he'll relish your approval and will show off to get it! He'll expect you to be in charge, so teaching him to behave will be great fun. And once he's learned some basic commands, communicating with your puppy will be much easier, which will help you build your relationship with him. For example, you'll be able to make sure he always comes when he's called, walks to heel, and behaves well when out and about.

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