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HILL'S SCIENCE PLAN Aliment pour Chien Adulte Small & Mini à l'agneau et au Riz





*100% Garantie en termes de qualité, consistance et goût ou êtes remboursé.

Big on Love, Small in Size. HILL'S SCIENCE PLAN Small & Mini Adult dog food with Lamb & Rice is tailored nutrition for the unique needs of Small & Mini dogs during the prime of their life. Delicious lamb flavour for those that prefer variety & specially made with our smallest kibble.

  • High quality lamb and rice for gentle, healthy digestion
  • Nourishing Omega-6 & Vitamin E blend for healthy skin & luxurious coat
  • High-quality protein for lean muscles
  • Contains our special Small & Mini antioxidant blend for lifelong immune support

Informations complémentaires:

Great tasting nutrition for a long, happy life. With a wagging tail and licks on your face, no one can say hello like your dog. Because every moment you spend together is special, we strive to give you more of them. With wholesome ingredients and the right nutrients, HILL'S SCIENCE PLAN is precisely prepared to offer your dog the nutrition he needs for lifelong health and happiness.

We manufacture our pet foods with highest quality ingredients. These ingredients must meet our strict requirements for purity and nutrient content, which exceed industry standards.

You can make a difference in the lives of shelter pets. With every purchase of SCIENCE PLAN you help feed over 100,000 homeless pets every day, 365 days a year. Learn more at

SCIENCE PLAN pet food is available in a variety of dry foods and treats for your dog’s unique needs, and canned foods in many delicious flavours your dog will love.  



Adult dogs 1 - 6 years of age that weigh up to 10 kg when full grown.

Ne pas utiliser cet aliment:

Puppies, or mature adult dogs (> 6 years of age). Pregnant or nursing dogs. During pregnancy or nursing, dogs should be switched to HILL'S SCIENCE PLAN Puppy Small & Mini dog food.

Formulée pour aider

à réduire le risque de formation de cristaux de struvite et d'oxalate de calcium

Fabriquée aux États-Unis
avec des ingrédients du monde entier dignes de confiance

Fière d'avoir aidé 11 millions d'animaux en refuge à trouver un foyer aimant pour toujours.


COMPOSITION : Maïs, riz complet, riz de brasserie, froment, farine de gluten de maïs, protéines d'agneau déshydratées, orge, avoine, graisses animales, hydrolysat de protéines animales, farine de soja, huile végétale, graines de lin, marc de tomate déshydraté, pulpe d'agrumes deshydratée, poudre d’épinard.


CONSTITUANTS ANALYTIQUES : Protéines 22,3%, Teneur en matières grasses 14,2%, Cellulose brute 1,7%, Acides gras oméga-6 3,4%, Cendres brutes 5,3%, Calcium 0,78%, Phosphore 0,69%, Sodium 0,30%, Potassium 0,75%, Magnésium 0,10%; par kg: Vitamine A 11 290UI, Vitamine D3 773UI, Vitamine E 690mg, Vitamine C 105mg, Bêta-carotène 1,5mg.


ADDITIFS PAR KG : Additifs nutritionnels : 3b103 (Fer) 83,7mg, 3b202 (Iode) 1,3mg, 3b405 (Cuivre) 8,3mg, 3b502 (Manganèse) 8,7mg, 3b603 (Zinc) 173mg, 3b801 (Sélénium) 0,2mg; avec un antioxydant naturel.

Guide alimentaire

Poids (kg) Sec (g)
1.5 40
2 50
3 70
4 85
5 100
7.5 140
10 170


  • Adjust feeding amounts as necessary to maintain optimal weight. If you are unsure, ask your veterinarian.
  • New to this food? Mix increasing amounts of your pet's new food with decreasing amounts of the old food over a 7-day period.
  • Keep fresh water available at all times!
  • Your pets nutritional needs may change as they age. Ask your vet at every checkup.
  • To prevent suffocation, keep the packaging out of the reach of pets and children.



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Jours 1-2

Jours 3-4

Jours 5-6

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Jours 1-2

Jours 3-4

Jours 5-6

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Science Plan

Une nutrition précisément équilibrée qui peut changer la vie des animaux. Parce qu'en bonne santé, ils sont plus heureux.

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