Kittens Need Proper Nutrition From The Word Go

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Human babies need specific foods to help them grow strong and kittens need special kitten food to help them grow and develop normally. A cat’s diet consists of a few main groups; protein, minerals and vitamins, taurine and water. The biggest difference between adult cat food and kitten food is the food for kittens provides higher amounts of all these. This is essential for the health and development of kittens.

Be prepared

Taking on a kitten is a huge responsibility, as cats can live for 20+ years. To be a good new ‘parent’ to your cute ball of fluff, you should educate yourself on the needs of your kitten. Then, because hopefully people don’t just bring home a kitten on the spur of the moment, you should prepare for the arrival.

To have the best possible start, your new kitten will need to eat kitten food for the first year of its life. Hills provide scientifically developed food which is formulated just for kittens up to a year old. It provides everything they need, in wet and dry food form, for them to grow and develop as they should.

It is advisable to discuss your kitten’s diet with your vet. You can also get excellent advice online from our Hills Pet website regarding nutrition as well as the many other ways in which to care for your kitten and help them to have the happiest and healthiest life possible. In this way you are fully prepared when the new bundle of fluff arrives.

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