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People have lately become much more aware of the nutritional needs of their cats. It used to be popular opinion that all cat foods were the same, just with different labels, and it didn't really matter which one you picked.

This is simply not the case these days, and you might be shocked to see what some pet food manufacturers put into their cat food. Most cat foods available in many supermarkets contain very little actual meat (approx 4%) and are mostly made up of fillers, which provide very little positive nutritional value and usually contain lots of artificial preservatives and additives.

Finding a well balanced and high quality cat diet is not difficult though, and many vets will recommend Hills Science Plan as a complete cat food which provides everything your cat needs nutritionally.

Most cat owners are aware that their cats can be really fussy when it comes to food. We've all experienced that look of distain as your cat sniffs its bowl and simply isn't interested in the contents. Well the good news is that Hills Science Plan isn't just great for cat health, but felines seem to love the taste too. With the combination of optimal balanced nutritional values and a taste and texture most cats love, this is one food which helps look after your cat from the inside.

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